4 DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s October and you know what that means… Spooky Season! Time for jumpscares and staying up, walking around your neighborhood collecting tons of candy. The most difficult part of Halloween is deciding on your costume, but have no fear. Below we have listed 4 DIY costumes that can be ordered and made:


This costume is simplistic, cute, and most importantly warm. This costume only involves 3 items. All you need to make this cow come to life is black leggings, every person I know has this already, cow print sweatshirt, and a cow ear headband. Add makeup, to step it up a notch. Cow Print Sweatshirt, and Cow Ear Headband.

Jack – O – Lantern 

Even more simplistic than a cow, is a jack-o-lantern! This costume requires little cloth, a mask, and a little bit of stitching and cutting skill. To make this costume, you take a simple piece of orange cloth, cut a head-sized hole into it, a smaller green piece of cloth and cut it in a star pattern to fit over your head as a collar. Then with a black undersuit, grab a simple pumpkin mask and pull it all together!


For one of the most original Halloween costumes, a simple zombie is always a great choice. Taking a simple piece of any shirt, ripping it up a bit, tossing it in the dirt, and letting it set. Taking a pair of ripped jeans, and body paint! The only downside to the costume is the weather conditions. With Halloween typically being a colder holiday, freezing may occur, however, it just adds more realism to the costume.


This costume is super simple. All you need to do is get some Superhero mask and capes, all set! The masks and capes come in a set, so it is not just great for Halloween but also a superhero-themed birthday party.

These are 4 super simple and original Halloween costume ideas. Have fun and get creative with your costume this Halloween and make sure to get a ton of candy.