Make some noise: Barth performs live for the first time


Will Todd

Sophomore Haley Barth looks out at the audience while singing her songs.

It was a chilly night on a rooftop at Madison Live. Sophomore Haley Barth took the stage, ready to perform her original songs in front of a large crowd. Heart racing, she grabbed the mic and took a deep breath. 

Before she knew it, the crowd went wild. 

Sophomore Haley Barth is making her dreams become a reality by making her own music while performing the songs live.  The event was very casual. Multiple artists performed on the rooftop. 

“I opened for a guy named Ryan Alfred, who is a country singer ”

Barth was 12 when she wrote her first song. 

“The first time I wrote a song I was 12 on vacation, and I don’t know why I wrote it. Once I finished writing I fell in love with it.” 

Barth’s cousin, Matt Wheatley, is a producer. 

“He helps me with shows. I have another producer named Max Guerrero that helps record and master the songs.” Barth said. 

As Barth wants to continue performing live, her first time on stage was daunting. 

“There were a lot of people there. It was nerve-wracking for sure but it was really fun seeing all the people there supporting me. It really meant a lot to me,” Barth said. 

Within the past few months, Barth has released 2 songs. She’s in the process of making her 3rd song. The first song she released is called “Please Don’t Leave” and the second one is called “London”. 

“So far my newest one is my favorite but it hasn’t been released yet. It’s very special.” 

Since Barth is such a hard worker, it wasn’t a shock to her mom when her daughter found her passion. 

“I’ve always expected her to find her passion. Haley is such a hard worker when it comes to things she wants.” Barth’s mom, Gretchen, said. 

But Barth wasn’t alone. Her family was there for her every step of the way. They supported her through the ups and downs.   

Barth’s mom said, “Our family has really encouraged Haley to do whatever she wants in life, she’s tried so many things trying to find her one thing and we have supported every choice she has made.” 

Since Barth hopes to perform live soon, she is trying to get in contact with other people. Music is a big part of Barth’s life, which is why she wants to make a career in the future. 

Barth said, “I like writing and singing so much because it’s just something that when I found it I knew that I had found my singing and passion.”

To see more of Barth’s music, visit her on Instagram via her handle – @haley.mbarth.