HHS opinions over changes and non-changes within school lunches


Olivia Clark-Tipton

The HHS cafeteria where students eat lunch.

Highlands High School creates surveys to reveal the student’s opinions on important categories such as mental health, lunches, etc. Following up on the topic of HHS school lunches, some students have opinions on food resources. 

Junior Jameson Zoller said, “I would like to see more options such as larger serving sizes in sides, entrees, and fruit.” 

Regarding more options, sophomore Julia Luhn said, “I would like to see a bigger salad bar with more options and more dressings.” 

As we can see there are strong opinions on the salad bar. Healthy food is essential for Highlands High School students. Last school year, 2021-2022, there was a salad bar with numerous options to make students like. 

For example, senior Tamra Armstrong said, “I feel like since they took away the salad bar, I was one of those people that enjoyed the salad bar and since that is gone I feel like I have fewer options.”  

The school may not have realized how many students ate the salad bar and loved the healthy choices within. These students would like to see the salad bar back up and available with more options with fresh fruit and veggies. 

Junior Amaya Barton said, “I’d say fresh fruit and vegetables, they seem very processed.” 

Most students want to see the salad bar return, but there are a few that would like to see more options on the menu. 

“Yes, I’d like to see the bread bowls come back”, said senior Caleb Hollingsworth. 

“I don’t have an idea what I would like to see, but it would be interesting to see what they provide,” Armstrong said. 

Within changes, Jameson Zoller stated, “I would say the options are the same thing as last year.”

“I don’t think they upgraded their options because they have stayed the same and they have kinda removed what used to be the ala carte menu,”  said Caleb Hollingsworth. 

“If there is an interest I would love to hear from students, I would love to bring it back by putting out smaller containers, I would love to offer more premade salads, greek salad, caesar salad, maybe add beans and different protein,”  said by Gina Sawma, Food Service Director. 

Regarding the Ala Carte menu, Gina Sawma stated, “Add more in the future, expand on the ala carte menu, bring back bread bowls and calzones, and things like that.”

As we can see, a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers in HHS. It helps them to show better results not only in sports but in school grades as well. Students care about their future. With changes to the school’s menu, our students will be provided with the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

You are what you eat. 

Contact Gina Sawma if there are any further questions you want to be answered.  [email protected]