‘Raise your razors high:’ A HHS theater season preview


Treiston Collins

The hallway leading to the humanities room with different shows including the spring musical “Sweeney Todd”

With the 2022-2023 HHS (Highlands High School) theater season right around the corner, HHS students are excited about this year’s lineup. Ranging from the post-renaissance era play “Tartuffe,” to the Stephen Sondheim horror classic “Sweeney Todd.” 

Tartuffe, also known as the Imposter or Hypocrite, is the Play HHS has chosen to do during the fall. This show is a 1664 comedic production featuring characters such as Orgon, Elmire, Tartuffe himself, and many others. 

Even though Tartuffe doesn’t come across as the most exciting play students have differing opinions on the show. 

“I like the show, I think that it is interesting that the show is run in couplets. I also like the premise, it will definitely be silly and goofy,” said senior Chloe Caudill.

Auditions will be held on September eighth after school. The crew interviews will be held on the seventh.

Senior Jonah Listerman plans on auditioning for Tartuffe.

“I would love to be onstage as an actor but if that doesn’t work out I would like to stage manage or take part in props crew.”

Tartuffe while exciting, doesn’t come near the excitement students have for the Spring Musical, Sweeney Todd. This classic horror musical was initially produced in 1979 by Stephen Sondheim and is making its way into the Highlands Theater Department.

Junior Evan Stuart expresses excitement for the spring musical.

“I love Sweeney Todd. I am very excited about it, we usually do these big showstopping shows, but this one isn’t as big, flashy, or comedic I think. ”

Sweeney Todd is a different type of musical compared to the productions last year and in 2021. Instead of a happy-go dance musical, Sweeney Todd goes more in-depth with the story aspect, using the music to convey the plot.

As the school year goes on, The Hilltopper plans to write and review the upcoming shows so make sure to keep up to date.