How to fill up free time: HHS Clubs and Extracurriculars


Sophia Hamilton

Stephanie Beiting edited in front of club posters.

Students looking to boost their college resume often look to extracurricular activities and clubs. HHS has many opportunities for students to do this in ways that interest them.

The art club is being run by a new teacher this year. This means new opportunities and activities. The art teacher, Stephanie Beiting has talked about her vision for the art club this year. 

I would love to enter in as much like local community art as we can. I would also really like for us to just start putting as much work out into the community, just get kinda involved in a bigger broader sense.”

The first art club meeting is on Friday, September 2nd during flextime. However, there will be more meetings to attend in the future!

Beiting is still working on the official days for the club meetings. However, she is hopeful that flextime will become a good opportunity for art club students to have meetings in the future.

“I would love to meet more frequently because we have the focus time so even if we met every Friday I think that would be cool even just for a sketchbook day”

The art club also has some interesting activities planned for outside of school in the future. The art club is something all students should consider joining. 

The freshman mentoring group is run by Guidance Counselor, Erica Thomas. The club is an opportunity for highlands students to take on a leadership role early on in their life. 

All grades other than freshmen can enter the freshman mentoring program assuming that they have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

“Typically applications are released around spring break so somewhere in like the first week of April,” says Thomas.

The application process includes a sample letter written to a freshman, a signed statement of intent, a teacher recommendation, and a video of yourself.

“So in order to develop our program, we want to create opportunities for our tenth-grade students to develop leadership [skills],” Thomas states 

While a lot of clubs are straightforward and developed, many club environments are volatile, such as the programming club. According to the sponsor, Sam Volpenhein.

“Programming Club has now existed for a couple of years. I am working with a few students this year to start a club revolving around Information Technology called InterAlliance.”

Mr. Volpenhein expects to have more information for interested students by next month.

Art club, Freshman mentoring, and InterAlliance club are all school activities that can help build important skills within the walls of Highlands High school. Check out club week, September 2 through September 12, during flex time for more information!

HHS Clubs and Activities 2022-23