Voices in the halls: All about the senior class


Tamra Armstrong

The 2022 senior class poses in their college shirts.

What was your favorite high school experience?

Gracie Schlosser – “Being a peer tutor.”

Austin Duncan – “Winning state in basketball.” 

Evalyn Huth – “Going to New York freshman year for a band trip.” 

Sarah Thurnahaur – “Homecoming this year I went with Isaac, it’s really cheesy but it was our fourth year we obviously didn’t have one our sophomore year but to have the same date for four years is important to me.” 

Chloe Bramble – “I’d say probably being a part of the football games specifically, cause I was one of the O-Zone leaders and we kind of always went out for all of our themes”

Haley Reichert – “My most memorable High school would have to be going to nationals with my cheer team my senior year.”

Madeline Buecker- “Prom this year was a lot of fun, after prom specifically it was a unique experience.”

Arin Reedy- “Our sophomore year we had a pancake day and everyone went to the gym and got pancakes, that was pretty epic.”

David Dierig- “All of the football games were definitely fun. Being a part of the O-zone is an experience if you’re an incoming freshman make sure you can do everything you can to be involved.” 

Jenna Carbone – “I would have to say getting into UC.”

Isaac Surrey- “Breaking the school’s record in track and field long jump record.”

What are you looking forward to most after high school or after college?

Eli LaFrange- “I’m looking forward to playing football in college and making new friends.”

Eli Valentine- “Looking forward to having independence.”

Makenna Wiefering- “I’m definitely looking forward to meeting new people and getting out of Fort Thomas to have a change of scenery, joining a lot of clubs in college, and hopefully making the dance team!”

Kelly Pendrey- “I am excited to go to college and meet new people and have new experiences and live in a brand new place.” 

Anne Extercamp- “I’m excited about moving to a new place and having a change of scenery and getting to be open to new opportunities at a new school.”

Leyton Read- “Looking forward to college athletics and working to pursue my career for whatever I plan to do in college.”

Matteo – “I am excited to go to Northern Kentucky University and finally leave Highlands High School behind.” 

Sawyer Tate- “Starting trade school and seeing what life has to offer after high school.”

Ethan Lecky- “Probably joining a frat and being independent and away from my parents.”

Camden Mcatee- “After high school, I’m excited for all my free time I’m going to have. I like playing Fort-Nite Battle Royal which will be a good experience to start my gaming career. I’m also probably going to try out for NBA teams so hopefully, I can make it there maybe WBA we’ll see how it goes. I’m just looking forward to working hard Kevin Durant once said, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent fails work hard.’”