Out in the wilderness: 2022 Senior Prank


(Courtesy of Meg Gessner)

Seniors CC Shick and Meg Gessner pose for a picture with their future colleges painted on jeans after the sleepover.

With the sound of laughter from playing fun games and the scent of burning firewood under the stars, the seniors are camping out in the parking lot of Highlands High School. 

Last night on Monday, May 30, the Senior Class of 2021-2022 pulled a non-harmful senior prank.

Everyone showed up around 10 p.m. 

Senior Meg Gessner said, “We all had fun as a class by hanging out and playing games by the fire pit.”

Some of the games and activities they played were silent football, cornhole, football, and card games.

Some students decided not to stay the whole night, but others pulled an all-nighter. For the people who pulled an all-nighter, they decided to go to I-hop around 5 am. 

After I-Hop, the seniors met up in the teacher parking lot. 

For school, the girls wore jeans with their future colleges painted on them.

Senior Kenzie Poynter said, “We did the jeans for college because it was one thing we could all do to kind of commemorate our last real school day and represent where we are all going!”