Summer of Style: Summer fashion


(Courtesy of Puravida)

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Summer is closer than ever, and finding clothes to fit your style can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to look. There are many different cute styles to go for during the summer. Some ideas for a summer style are beachy or a vintage/alternative style. Some Bluebirds shared what their style is and where they like to get clothes for that style from.

An example of a beachy style can be shell necklaces, beachy graphic tees, and jean shorts.

According to Freshman Audrey Arentsen, she has a “surfy” or  “beachy” summer style.

“I’d say Pura Vida is a really good store to shop at [for]  a surfer/ summer style. They have a lot of cute bracelets to choose from and they recently added cute shirts too.”

The next fun style option for summer is vintage. 

“I like to buy clothes from either Goodwill, Zara, and H&M. I like Goodwill because it has a lot of different things. A lot of the styles I like are out of style so Goodwill is good for finding out of style clothes. I love H&M because they have a lot of basics.”