Voices in the halls: Advice for incoming freshmen

A new building while trying to navigate around. New teachers with new teaching styles. Big kids in the halls are towering over you. Trying to redefine yourself. A chance to lay a new base for the rest of your life. New advice is a need for these incoming freshmen.

Junior Kennedy Baioni: “Join as many clubs as possible and get involved. Walk the right way in the hall.”

Athletic Director Kevin Listerman: “Go to the games and be loud!”

Senior Macy Kocher: “Ask as many questions as you can because if you don’t ask questions you might never know the answer and regret it.” 

Sophomore Laney Smith: “Don’t put off work as you would in middle school because it’s a lot different, but it’s also a lot of fun in high school. Have fun, but don’t procrastinate any work.”

Freshman Ellie Mohr: “Be prepared for all your classes and take notes.”

HHS Principal John Darnell: “Learning is not optional, nor is attendance. Follow all directions when you’re given directions. Unless a teacher asks you to do something illegal, immoral, or unethical, you have to do it.”

Counselor Erica Thomas: “Come in with the right mindset and know from day one that everything counts so put your best foot forward. I think that coming in with the right mindset and giving the best effort as soon as day one starts.”

Sophomore Ashton Adkins: “Make friends.”