SBDMC votes on to change eligibility policy for 2022-2023 school year


Ty Boler

This is the Highlands logo for the Site-Based Decision-Making Committee.

On Monday, May 16th, 2022, the Site-Based Decision-Making Committee (SBDMC) approved the new eligibility policy. 

This new policy consists of being ineligible to play sports, attend clubs, as well as dances or concerts if a student has one F in a class for three consecutive weeks. This is in addition to the existing policy of a student having two Fs to be deemed ineligible. This policy was initially introduced at the SBDMC’s meeting on April 18th.  

The reason why this policy was set in place is to hold students, student-athletes especially, accountable for their grades. 

Athletic Director Wes Caldwell said, “Something to go over and renew. We always want to look at all of our policies and regulations at the end of the year to make sure everything is still up to moto and the way we want to go about things.” 

The committee is changing it for multiple other reasons such as students needing to apply themselves in school and not being able to keep grades in a good spot. 

“We felt that a student should not be allowed to fail the same class for an entire quarter/ semester or year without having to make an effort in that class and remain eligible.” said SBDMC member and Basketball Coach Kevin Listerman.

Students have a variety of reactions to this new policy, still debating the pros and cons.

Junior Sam Robinson said, “I’d believe that it has its goods and bads for our players and the school. It keeps a high standard for our athletes but it could take a toll in the long run for everyone being eligible for the games every week.”  

While this new policy is still in the works of being new, it will set new standards for the student-athletes and club members of Highlands High School.