Voices in the halls: How do you like FlexTime so far?

After a few days of FlexTime, Highlands High School students have many thoughts and opinions about the focus change. They were asked how they liked FlexTime so far, and if they liked the old focus better or the new focus.

Freshman Hudson Dye: “I like the old focus better because it’s easier. FlexTime is fine, and I like that if you are not requested by a teacher you can do what you want.”

Sophomore Amaya Barton: “I like the freedom of students having to choose what they need to do. I like the old focus better because you always had a place to go to and the cafeteria and library have been crowded.”

Junior Will Herald: “It’s cool and I like that you can go to any class you want, especially if you are struggling in a certain class. I would have to say I like the new focus better.”

Senior Charlie Gorman: “I think FlexTime has gone pretty well. It was a little hard getting transitioned to it, initially, and it took some time to get used to.”