A Day in the Life of a Teacher


Samuel Volpenhein

Samuel Volpenhein and Ericka Volpenhein smiling with their kids for a family photo.

The chatter starts to quiet as the bell rings, signaling the beginning of class. students are ready to learn with their materials out.

The daily life of a teacher can be extremely stressful but also very rewarding. Many teachers have a hard time staying up to date with some of their ideas. Typically, they start their day off extremely busy. 

According to Highlands High School Geometry Teacher Samuel Volpenhein gets ready for his day of work early in the morning. When he wakes up, he gets dressed and ready for teaching, he then wakes up his daughters.

Teachers with kids have to not only get themselves ready in the morning they also have to get their children up in the morning. They already have so many responsibilities, so with that being said teaching would make their schedule much more difficult.

Volpenhein also starts his day at LAUNCH, as he teaches App Development in Swift during first and second period. He plans his lesson for the next day during 3rd period, which is his free planning period.

 “I try and stay a week ahead by making copies of notes, assignments, and quizzes as well as notes for class and any materials I need for activities.”

After Volpenhein’s day of teaching, he holds detention in his room after school, he then goes to pick up his children from daycare.

The rest of his day consists of spending time with his family and playing with his kids for a few hours until dinner. After a nice family dinner, Volpenhein and his wife put the girls down for bed.

Volpenhein said, “Lastly, I spend some time with my wife, catching up on the day and relaxing before bed.”

Volpenhein is not just good at math and teaching. He is skilled at prioritizing his time and making sure he has enough room in his schedule for his family as well as lesson planning.

“I got into teaching because I always liked learning at school and my dad was a teacher, as well.  I liked the idea of studying math in college and this was a job that fit my interests and skills.”