From the Archives: November 13, 1946

Students Play; Teachers Work (Emme Orme)

Students Play; Teachers Work

Oh happy day- no school! 

While students scampered away for pleasures, teachers met for guidance in the form of Northern Kentucky Educational Association sensations which were held at Newport High School, on November 7 and 8. 

Official representatives from Ft. Thomas to the session included Mrs. John C. Kellogg, English teacher; Mrs. Edwin Seiter, math teacher, and Mrs. and Mr, A. E. Anderson, principal of Johnson School. Mrs. Kellogg who was the president last year, automatically became a delegate this year. Mrs. Seiter and Mr. Anderson were selected at a general faculty meeting. 

“Making the International Program Work,” an address delivered by The Reverend Morris H. Goers, was the main feature of the program on Thursday evening, November 7.  

Friday morning brought four speakers: Att. General Eldon S. Dummit, Dr. Maurice F. Seay, president; Adron Doran, and Mrs. Jessie P. Fudget. Both the evening and the morning sessions enjoyed music by the N.K.E.A. Music Department. Department meetings were held Friday afternoon. 

Dual Cheerleading Squads Back Team (Emme Orme)

Dual Cheerleading Squads Back Team

Vim, vigor, and vitality- how well these words describe the Highlands cheerleaders. Girls must give up their time and energy to be a pepster but they receive lots of fun and recognition. 

These five girls and two alternates perform every Friday night and at all pep rallies. “Great promises for the future” is the prediction given by the junior cheerleaders, who will help the regulars this basketball season.  Besides new faces on the squad, there are also new uniforms which contrast the traditional royal blue and white. 

Help from the bleachers is the only assistance the girls need now. Why not be there on December 6th, when basketball season starts.