The importance of a small business: an insight into student-run businesses


Piper Carmack

Senior Nicole Ossege’s Instagram account, dedicated to only her candle shop.

Many Highlands High School students would rather go home, play on their Xbox and waste time on their phones. However, some go home and clean their paintbrushes for their next order for the week. These students have their very own small businesses.

Even with there being many challenges to overcome with having your own business, there are still many pros, such as, having a self-earned income, being your own manager, promoting yourself on social media, putting a smile on others’ faces, being able to connect with your community, and so many more opportunities. 

There are many different things you could sell, such as homemade candles, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, decor, paintings, and much more. To make your business more interesting you can create a color-coordinated theme to give it an appealing and detailed aesthetic. 

Senior Nicole Ossege said, “I’ve always been interested in it, and I’ve seen my family do it too. I’ve been watching how to make candles for a long time. I think this is almost like a fun way to incorporate what I enjoy and learn from my family.” 

Ossege sells many different types of candles that can be easily found on her Instagram page: _candlesbynicole. 

If you are interested in purchasing the candle of your choice you can direct message @nichole.ossege, along with paying on Venmo- Nicole_Ossege. One candle’s original price is estimated at around $15. 

Creating a small business can open owners up to different experiences too. Meeting other business owners, new communities, friends, and classmates that live in the area. 

There are many things that can be done to help better a business. Having cleaning supplies to keep the workspace in order, keeping up with social media, and creating business cards to spread your work are just some examples. 

Working with people who are comfortable sharing new and fun ideas is essential for a growing company. Along with this, being able to communicate and propose ideas to the people around your city is a good way to get more of a variety of customers. 

Promoting a small business online is a good way to not only boost your own social media but other small businesses that could be future collaborations. 

Having your own small business can also boost your social media profile, leading to an increase in followers and supporters.

Creating a small business can become a life-changing thing, having new opportunities and experiences is important in life.