FlexTime: a new focus period for HHS students and teachers


Kayla Lehn

Example photo of FlexTime.

On Monday, April 25, focus was supposed to change from going to core classes and advisory every day in a rotation, to being selected to visit certain classes or it being your choice as to where to go.  

Highlands High School Principal John Darnell said, “Usually, focus is assigned first period through advisory as a set rotation. Starting on the 25th, it’s going to be more of a teacher and student choice. If a teacher identifies you as needing a lot of help in math, instead of getting to see them every 6 days, they could take you every single day if you need it.” 

The program is FlexTime Manager, which allows you to go to the classes you need to or want to, along with allowing teachers to bring you to their classroom to complete missing or late assignments. 

This new change can be very beneficial to students that need help with classes, such as students who could never find the time to ask or plan for help. 

If the student is caught up on everything, he or she can sign up to go to the cafeteria, gym, or library. 

Other students may not like the fact that focus is changing. 

Freshman Somfe Nzekwu said, “I’m not excited because I enjoy focus as it is. I like that I’m with different people and teachers each rotation. I also think it will not benefit me because I do not have classes that I need to spend time in.” 

However, the change can be beneficial to teachers so that they can have some extra time to help certain people.  

HHS English Teacher Angie Gintonio said, “I’m excited but I do think there’s going to be a learning curve for both teachers and students. I think once we get it up and running and we kinda work through those, there’s a lot of potential for student learning and achievement.” 

Along with Gintonio, many other teachers agree. 

HHS Science Teacher Matthew Ewald said, “I think it absolutely will benefit students that need help because it gives individual teachers or groups of teachers the opportunity to have access and give them focused help on specific things.”  

When the system suddenly deleted everyone’s planned schedule, the school had a regular focus day today until it was fixed. 

Due to this problem, HHS will start the new focus on April 26.