What’s all the hype about Siesta Key?


(Courtesy of Stock Images)

Tourists relaxing at Siesta Key beach.

Sitting on the beach, wiggling toes in the cool sand, and soaking up the sun. Laying out a favorite beach towel, laughing and talking with friends. Eventually heading back to the hotel or condo and relaxing on the porch, and curling up to read a good book. Getting ready to head out to “Fort Thomas Beach”. 

Highlands High School gives its students a ten-day spring break every year during the first week of April. Students take advantage of this break to head to various places. Some head down to Colorado to hit the cabin, wrapped up by the fire and drinking some hot chocolate getting ready to go out and ski. While others head to South Carolina, ready to visit Hilton Head Island and enjoy the beach. However, a wide majority of the other students choose to go to Siesta Key. So many students go to the Key, people have started to call it “Fort Thomas Beach.”

Ever wonder why all the cake eaters choose to migrate to Siesta, out of all of the places in Florida, let alone the United States? The weather obviously plays a factor considering the fact that the month of April has a low of 61° and a high of 83° and a chance of rain only three days out of the month. Siesta provides the perfect weather conditions for the HHS students to go out and get together. 

Senior Ashley Colter said, “I like to go to the beach and hang out with friends. I really enjoy the perfect, warm weather.”

Counting down the days students and parents alike are thrilled to be on their way to the beach. The long tradition of Siesta has been passed down from generation to generation from the countless Highlands alumni. Fort Thomas itself has experience with the ongoing celebration that is spring break at Siesta Key. 

“This spring break I am going to Siesta with my family and my friend Margo. When I’m at Siesta, my favorite thing to do is go to the beach and tan, I really enjoy spending time with my friends on the beach,” said Senior Emma Kate Bennett.

HHS families are excited to go down to “Fort Thomas Beach” this year, anxious to see all the different things that students participate in while at Siesta!