February National Holidays: Week Four

February usually isn’t the best month. The bad weather and there are really no big school breaks or holidays besides for Valentine’s Day which is the really only big holiday in the month of February. There isn’t really anything spectacular to make February special. 

However, the third week of February is filled with National animals and Food Holidays. This is a very small list of National Holidays in February week by week for people to celebrate.

February 22: Wildlife Day

This day is celebrated to honor Steve Irwin’s Birthday. They have added February 22nd to this holiday when it was just only celebrated on September 4th. On this day people could donate to a wildlife cause or do many more things to help.

February 23: Dog Biscuit Day

On this day your dog doesn’t want to be petted, snuggle up next to someone, or catch a stick. All they want is for someone to give them a dog biscuit. You could teach your dog new tricks and reward them with a dog biscuit.

February 24: Tortilla Chip Day

Tortilla chips were a snack made from leftover corn tortillas. But these chips became people’s favorite, and now every February 24, we celebrate one of our salty snacks. People can make tortilla chips from home and dip them in homemade sauce or store-bought sauce.

February 25: Clam Chowder Day

There are many types of clam chowders but the main ones are New England, Manhattan, and Rhode Island clam chowder. They are all made with most of the same ingredients which make them different. On this day you can learn to make clam chowder, go clamming or order some clam chowder from a local seafood restaurant.