February National Holidays: Week Three

February usually isn’t the best month. The bad weather and there are really no big school breaks or holidays besides for Valentine’s Day which is the really only big holiday in the month of February. There isn’t really anything spectacular to make February special. 

However, the third week of February is filled with one of the big holidays which is Valentine’s day, National Animal, and Food Holidays. This is a very small list of National Holidays in February week by week for people to celebrate. 

February 14: Valentine’s Day

A love note. ((Courtesy of Pixabay))

Valentine’s Day is about spending time with a significant other. Most people get gifts from loved ones on Valentine’s Day but there is much more behind this holiday than most people think.

The first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496! Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a very old tradition, thought to have originated from a Roman festival. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia usually in the middle of February which is when spring time usually started.

February 15: Hippo Day 

A photo of two hippos. ((Courtesy of Pixabay))

Animal national holidays are all about spreading awareness about that animal. This day people are going to be spreading awareness about hippos. This day is a chance to learn more about hippos and where they come from. We have some hippos here including Fiona and her family at the zoo.  

February 16: Paczki Day

A photo of Paczki. ((Courtesy of Pixabay))

Paczki is a Polish donut that usually has jelly or sweet filling in it. Paczki has a very sweet rich dough that is different from a donut. On this day people could celebrate by ordering a Paczki or making a Paczki.

February 17: Café Au Lait Day

A photo of Café Au Lait. ((Courtesy of Pixabay))

Café Au Lait is a type of way people make their coffee. It is different from a latte since a latte is made with a smaller portion of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam while a Café Au Lait is made with a larger portion of espresso and frothed milk. On this day you could order a Café Au Lait or people could make a Café Au Lait.