HHS Ben-Gal cheerleaders have a “Super Bowl” experience


Taken from Cincinnati Ben-Gals Instagram

Via instagram, The Ben-Gal cheerleaders pose after the Bengals won the AFC championship. Circled are Corrine Holmes, Samantha Reynolds, and Megan Reynolds.

This weekend, Cincinnati Bengals fans will be cheering for the team to win their first ever Super Bowl; however, on the sideline there will also faces recognizable to the Fort Thomas community. 

Woodfill Teacher and HHS Varsity Dance Coach Samantha Reynolds, Middle School Dance Team Coach Megan Reynolds, and Assistant HHS Dance Coach Corinne Holmes were all Ben-Gal Cheerleaders. All of them are also alumnae of Highlands High School. 

Samantha Reynolds is the varsity dance team head coach for Highlands High School.  She has been a Ben-Gals cheerleader since 2016 and is still cheering to this day. 

Reynolds graduated from Northern Kentucky University. During her time there, Reynolds danced for NKU coached by a Ben-Gal alumna. She has been dancing since she was little and has always been an aspiring Ben-Gal cheerleader. 

Upon graduation, She then went to Woodfill Elementary School to teach and knew she couldn’t give up dance. 

According to Reynolds, she has had many positive experiences while cheering for the Bengals. 

“I’ve made deep friendships, networked with so many incredible people in the Cincinnati community, been challenged to build my professional skills, had a blast, and made memories that will last a lifetime.”

The experience has a large impact on her. 

“This experience has shaped me as a person, and being a part of the Bengals organization will stay with me forever.”

Reynolds’ sister Megan is also a Ben-Gals cheerleader.  She is a rookie and has just started cheering for the Bengals this season.

“My experience as a Ben-Gal Cheerleader has been nothing short of amazing. There have been so many unique opportunities that I’ve gotten to experience, and getting to share those with Samantha has just made the season even more special than I could’ve ever wished for.”

Reynolds was on the Highlands dance team and then went to NKU to dance there as well. 

“I have been dancing since I was three and was on the Highlands Dance Teams. During my time as a Bluebird, both my HMS and HHS coaches were Ben-Gals. I continued to dance during my years at NKU, where my coach was a Ben-Gal alumni.”

Holmes also is a “rookie” this season for the Ben-Gals. She decided to go to the organization when she had Bengals coaches and managers as her teachers telling them about her experience.

“In middle school, high school, college, and my job I had coaches and managers that were all former and current Ben-Gals. They all had such a presence in my life and talked so highly about the team that I knew when I graduated college I’d be trying out for the Ben-Gals and hopefully making my dream come true.”

According to Megan, while watching the AFC Championship, she was ‘ecstatic’ when the Bengals won since she has been a fan for a long time.

“When I tried out this year for my rookie season, the Super Bowl was not on my radar. But as we [the Bengals] made the playoffs, I knew that the Super Bowl was actually a possibility. When it became a reality I was not only so excited for the team but for the city and especially my parents who were lifelong Bengals fans.”

Reynolds said that the AFC Championship was very emotional for her for being a long time Bengals fan.

“Winning the AFC championship was a moment I’ll never forget! I have always been proud to be a Bengals fan, but celebrating this accomplishment with the team was emotional, and I knew it would provide me an experience of a lifetime.”