An upcoming star: Drummin’ out with Haley Barth


(Courtesy of Haley Barth)

Freshman Haley Barth’s Instagram account where she posts all of her drumming videos.

BAM! CLASH! BANG! POW! Focused, while hitting the cymbals, starting to get a rhythm with the song.

Haley Barth is nodding her head and stomping her foot to the beat of the drums. Barth has been playing the drums since she was fourteen but got her first drum set when she was six. 

For Barth, playing the drums is a nice distraction and a way to relieve stress. 

“It has affected my life for the better and it has gotten me into something that I thoroughly enjoy. When I started, I didn’t really think I could do it. Now I have a hobby and I won’t sit on my phone all day,” says Barth

Barth practices every day and has certainly made an improvement from when she first started. Barth has impressed her family and continues to excite them more each day. 

“She practices so hard every day and we can see her talent and all-around love for music every time she touches those drumsticks,” said Haley’s mom Gretchen Barth. 

Haley’s favorite song to play on the drums is ‘Kiwi’ by Harry Styles. however, Barth also prefers her acoustic drum set over her electric drum set because it has better sound. Electric drums make 

Playing the drums has had a great impact on Barth and has made her get out of her comfort zone and learn new songs to play.

“When you listen to a song for the first time and like your drumming to it, you get this different feeling of when you’re playing it because you just get the groove about it.”

Barth got motivated to start drumming in a very weird way, she went to Guitar Center located in Burlington, Kentucky to get a guitar, but she saw the drums and knew she wanted to play them. 

Barth has learned new things while doing the drums such as coordination and a way to express her feelings by playing the drums. 

Haley has started social media accounts to expand her platform and to share her talent of playing the drums with other people. Instagram: haley.drums; Youtube: haley drums