Bluebirds voice their opinions over the COVID-19 vaccine

“I’ve never doubted COVID-19 vaccination… until now,” said BBC News.

The COVID-19 vaccination is very controversial among individuals. If any individuals are interested in getting the vaccine, anyone above the age of 5 is able to get the COVID-19 vaccination and 12 or older can get the booster. 

“The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are strongly recommended as safe and effective at preventing serious illness or death from COVID-19,”  Hopkins Medicine stated.

Some Highlands High School students voiced their opinions on the vaccine. While some think that the vaccine doesn’t work most people that we interviewed believe that it is a good thing.

“I think it’s pretty stupid and doesn’t work,” said Freshman Mason Bishop.

While some believe that the vaccination does not work most believe that it does, such as Senior Katie Rhea, who believes that it was a great decision to make the vaccine available to those who want it

“It [the vaccine] helps protect and keep everyone safe from COVID-19,” said Rhea.

Most students at HHS like the voice their opinions openly.

5/24 students believe that the vaccination was a dumb idea and shouldn’t be a thing while 19/24 students believe it is smart to get vaccinated. 

According to the CDC, getting vaccinated is the smartest thing to do to protect yourself and others around you.

With the COVID-19 numbers at an all-time high, staying safe is the best thing to do. 

Stay safe, Bluebirds!