Ohio Dance Masters: My experience throughout the competition


(Courtesy of Kelly Fraley)

A picture from ODM with Mr. Junior Dance of America.

     Ohio Dance Masters (ODM) began in 1936 as Cleveland & Ohio Dance Masters. However, a question many people may ask is:  What exactly is ODM?  

     According to ODM, ODM is a professional, certified membership organization of artists & educators committed to the elevation of the art of dance & providing innovative artistic experiences for the advancement of dance worldwide.

     January 14, 2022, marked the ODM Title competition. The ODM Title is where you go to win a title like Petite Miss Dance of Ohio and so forth all the way to Miss. ODM Title was one of the best experiences of my life and I would definitely recommend it to dancers that want to get out there and show their skill and talent.

     Hello! My name is Emerson Fraley and this is my experience with Ohio Dance Masters. To me, Ohio Dance Masters is a great opportunity not only for dance but also for life skills. 

     To win a title you have to go through audition classes which consist of ballet, jazz, modern, tap, acrobatics, and an interview all judged by the amazing judges in the program. Lastly, after all of that, you have to do your solo dance routine.

     My favorite part of the whole competition was the interview. The interview was just like a job interview, which everyone will have to go through at some point in their life if you haven’t already. Participants had to have a resume on which the judges asked you questions from. I love talking to people so this part was very easy for me!

     The audition classes were so fun and they enhanced my passion for dance and choreography skills. My favorite part of auditions was the tap part because tap is my strong suit My favorite part of the tap audition was going across the dance floor one by one and doing the steps. The routine was hard but it was very fun to perform.

     The interview section was my second favorite because it’s a great experience to get ready for job opportunities. Doing an interview had a lot of preparation going into it. My parents would help me practice by asking me questions in the car, at my house, or even at dance practice. Along with this, my dance instructors would set up a time and we would have a mock interview, which was extremely helpful in the long run.

     ODM was overall a great experience. I am so proud of everyone who won a title! I had so much fun and would definitely recommend it to dancers wanting to further their dance careers.