Preparing for 2022-23 school year with scheduling


(Courtesy of the HHS Scheduling Headquarters)

Image of the HHS Scheduling Headquarters website.

     As Highlands High School begins scheduling for the 2022-2023 school year, it is important for students to understand their options. 

     New Courses: 

     Next year instead of having a traditional choral with both boys and girls, HHS will be offering an all men’s choral (tenors and bases). So if students are interested in singing as a tenor or bass, they should consider joining this choir. 

     Another brand new course, this year that HHS is offering is a Manufacturing class. The manufacturing class is a hands-on class on learning experiences that enhances the understanding of various materials, processes, and products. This class gives the opportunity to engage in product design, prototyping, and computer-assisted manufacturing applications. Students must have previously taken engineering one to be enrolled in this class. If a student is interested in hands-on learning experiences and loves design then this class is strongly recommended.

     Next school year HHS will also be offering AP Biology, all students must have teacher approval for this based on their prior science class performances. If any student chooses to take this class it will count for their science credit. 

     The Process: 

     If students are unaware of how the scheduling process works then here are some tips to help out. 

     The first part of the scheduling process was to watch the Youtube video that was posted on the HHS Youtube channel on how to schedule. Most students however have already done so during the advisory focus period.

     As a student, it is very important to know what their academic plan is when scheduling. All students’ academic plan is located in their Infinite Campus account. There, students will find all of their recommendations and requirements.

     The next step would be to put in all first-choice classes, there must be at least 6 unless students would like to sign up for an Early Bird class, then there must be 7. There must also be at least 3 alternate classes listed, just in case. Then students click on the print button once they have made their final decisions, then, take it home for it to be signed by parents. All papers must be signed and turned in by January 28.

     For additional information, visit the school’s website: