Voices in the halls: How did you feel seeing the Bengals win?

Last Sunday, January 16, the Bengals won against the Raiders during the playoffs for the first time in 31 years.

Senior CC Wira: “It was very exciting to see the Bengals win.”

Senior Leyton Read: “I hope they win but Tennessee is good, hopefully, the Bengals keep on their roll.”

Highlands High School Government Teacher Kym Grillot: “It was very exciting. It reminded me of the last time the Bengals went to the Super Bowl which was a very long time ago. It was a great game. I couldn’t watch the last two minutes but it turned out to be fine!”

HHS Guidance Counselor Trinity Walsh: “I was really excited the Bengals won, it was nice to see them win a playoff game. The last time they won a playoff game, I was 13 years old.”

HHS Business Teacher and Student Council Adviser Elise Carter: “It was really exciting to see the Bengals win for the first time in 31 years!”