BREAKING: FTIS temporarily returns to universal masking protocol


(Courtesy of the FTIS Healthy at School website)

Image of the FTIS Healthy at School website logo.

Today, FTIS Superintendent Brian Robinson announced that FTIS will be returning to First Semester COVID-19 safety protocol. This includes universal masking in schools.  This decision comes as COVID-19 cases skyrocket in FTIS Schools upon returning from Winter Break. 

In an email to staff, Robinson stated, “This is a temporary change. We will revert back to a mask recommended but optional model when the recent surge of COVID-19 subsides.”

Over the last two weeks, COVID-19 cases in the state of Kentucky have averaged over a thousand cases per day. The number of cases each day has not started to plateau, only go up.

According to NKYHealth, Fort Thomas is in critical condition with COVID-19 cases, right along with the rest of the Northern Kentucky Area. Over the last few weeks, COVID-19 cases reported positive has been the highest Fort Thomas has seen in a while.

Today, Fort Thomas has 334.4 cases out of every 100k population on a seven-day average. The current rate of COVID-19 for ages 19 and under today was 377 out of every 100k.

At FTIS, as of January 10th, the current dashboard shows that in the school district, there are currently 82 positive cases reported and 120 quarantined. 39 of those were at HHS. 

On the same day, 37 staff members were absent districtwide. 11 of those positions did not have substitute coverage. 

As of Monday, January 10, HHS had the lowest attendance rate out of all the schools in Fort Thomas with  87.69% of students attending.  The previous week, it had hovered between 93-94%. 

The Hilltopper will continue to update as information becomes available.