The newest addition to the nest: All about the new student intern in the HHS counseling department


Mya Schwartz

The new HHS Counseling Intern Rachel Stephenson smiles for a photo.

     Here at Highlands High school the Counseling department recently got an intern, whose name is Rachel Stephenson.

     Stephenson grew up in California and she enjoys doing yoga, watching TV, and baking in her free time. She attended school at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), originally going to school to be a nurse, then changing career paths to get her physiology degree. She then decided to be a preschool teacher for a little bit, then decided to join the counseling department at Highlands High School.

     Stephenson decided to join the department here at Highlands because her husband, the manager of Fort Thomas Coffee, mentioned all of the students who come in and how nice they are. While being here at Highlands as an intern something that caught her eye was how everyone was so helpful and welcoming.

     “I have worked at a lot of schools and this one is where I feel the most welcomed,” said Stephenson. 

     Guidance counselor Erica Thomas said, “We are more able to meet the needs of all of our students.”  

     One of the reasons she wanted to join the counseling department is because she enjoys working with all ages. At first, Stephenson worked with elementary students, now wanting to move onto high school students.

     According to Stephenson, she has many goals while being here as an intern. 

     “I want to learn a lot about working with high schoolers since I worked with younger kids before.” 

     As Stephenson continues to learn the ways of high schoolers, many people are excited to see her progress and growth.