A fresh start: Tardies reset going into the second semester


Emme Orme

In the morning a student receives a tardy slip when they walk through the front entrance.

     Tardies are an everyday occurrence at Highlands High School. Whether it is sleeping past their alarm or going through traffic, many students will experience this stress at least once in their high school careers. 

     “I had no idea tardies restarted every semester,” said Sophomore Belle Fischer.

     With tardies resetting, this gives students a second chance going into 2022. 

     “If tardies restart then they know what they have to deal with and that can help them get better, but if they realize this then it could maybe have them more laid back on getting to school,” said Freshman Brennan Bucher.

     Students find this helpful because they no longer have to stress about detentions but are still motivated to do better in the upcoming semester by being given a second chance. 

     “I think tardies resetting would give people a chance to refresh and reset, especially going into the new year and semester. For some people, that may be a resolution for their years, so I believe it is a good idea to restart,” says Freshmen Lily Cleveland.

     After receiving more than three tardies is when students receive detentions. 

     “For a nice sweet start to the new year, everyone is offered a new start. This is so people can catch up again,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Forgy.