Election recap for the class of 2022-2023

     Every year the Highlands High School juniors hold a school election to see who the “face of the grade” will be.

      During the 2021-2022 school year the winner of the elections was TreVaughn Woods for president, Matt Herfel for vice president, Ruby Smith for secretary, Hamish Rayner for treasurer, and class representatives Bode Russell and Robert Chalk. Being elected for any of these positions is an amazing accomplishment on its own. 

      Being willing to stand up and put in the work and effort is a big responsibility. President TreVauhgn Woods is now responsible for organizing prom, assisting any students that may need help, or dealing with school-wide dealing with school-wide problems.

      As vice president, Matt Herfel plays a big part in helping out with prom planning, along with this, the vice president is responsible for what the president would do when they are out. 

      Secretary Ruby Smith is in charge of recording information. 

      Treasurer Hamish Rayner oversees the money and the budget for the class and plays a big deciding factor in what the money is being used for.

      The class representatives, Bobe Russell and Robert Chalk are working together to fairly represent the class as well as record any damages. 

Congratulations from the Hilltopper Staff o all of the juniors for being elected!