Never go hungry: The Bluebird Snack Shop is here


Grayson Thomas

The Bluebird Snack Shop is where students can go to get snacks and drinks.

    Have you ever been in that sticky situation where you’re very hungry and your lunch is hours away? Have no fear, Bluebird Snack Shop is here.

    The Bluebird Snack Shop is a little stand in the cafeteria, in which students can find any type of snack or drink to their heart’s content. 

    Manager of the Highlands High School Cafeteria Nancy Gesenhues said, “We started the Snack Shop to try and get students who pack and students who just want to get a snack, drink, milk, coffee, or cappuccinos to go to the Snack Shop instead of waiting in line.” 

    At the snack shop, they sell anything you can find in the lunch line plus coffee, ice cream, chips, cookies, pop tarts, muffins, and a wide selection of drinks.

    This delicious addition to our school does have trouble maintaining a stock of everything due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, but Gesenhues and the cafeteria team figured out a system that works perfectly.

    “I take an inventory every week to see what we are in need of and restock the shop on Monday morning when I arrive,” said Gesenhues. 

    On average they sell 40 items a day, which means 200 items per week, making the snack shop pretty popular.  

    Overall, the student body here at Highlands High loves and appreciates this addition to the snack shop.

    On behalf of the Hilltopper staff, thank you to the cafeteria staff for all you do to keep the HHS students happy and fed.