It’s time to get ugly: Ugly Christmas sweaters


Jade Sandmann

Sophomore Zach Russ shows off his ugly Christmas sweater for the holiday season.

     As Christmas approaches, so does the time to pull out ugly Christmas sweaters and hot cocoa. 

     The excitement that Christmas brings also brings inspired fashion to the holiday.

     Ugly Christmas sweaters have been around since the 1950s, although they were first known as ‘Jingle Bell Sweaters.’

     These sweaters have transferred from a tradition in many families to something to make fun of every year during the holiday season.

     The first so-called ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater Party’ was held in the early 2000s in Vancouver, Canada during mid-December.

     They came into mass popularity after the movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,’ which came out in 1983

     “An ugly Christmas sweater is ugly with Christmas designs on it and it’s super tacky,” said Senior Eleanor Todd.

     Ugly Christmas sweaters have all different designs on them to make the holiday a little more fun. 

     Junior Chloe Votel shared her thoughts on how Christmas sweaters are cringy and what kind of designs are on the ones she likes.

     “I think they are cringy and my favorite design is any animal.”

     A lot of animals, characters, people, words, games, quotes, and other varieties of things are on these sweaters. This brings a lot of different types of sweaters to be shown around the Christmas season.

    According to Sophomore Campbell Smith, there are multiple different stores where you can purchase your ugly Christmas sweaters such as Target, Dillard’s, Macy’s, T.J. Maxx, or even Goodwill.

     “When I got my ugly Christmas sweater, I got it from Target.”

     Places all around the Tri-State carry ugly Christmas sweaters for the season.

     Highlands High School Biology Teacher Matthew Ewald is the owner of five different ugly Christmas sweaters.

     “I would say that my favorite Christmas sweater is an old, super cheesy sweater, with a reindeer on it.”

     Snowmen, reindeer, and Santas are all over Christmas sweaters this year along with different animals, words, and phrases such as ‘Merry Christmas.’

     As the time comes for these sweaters to be worn, more are being shown in stores. Make sure to buy one and show off your ugliness pride this Christmas season!