Voices in the halls: Your presents are requested!


Evelyn Hopping

Freshmen Rylee Clore, Makayla Hill, and Charlie Hollingsworth, Sophomores Amaya Barton and Larya Jones, English Teachers Shannon Henson and Brady Dowling, AP Office Worker Sherry Bodner, and HHS Principal John Darnell all pose for a picture.

     Waking up on Christmas morning feels so much better than a regular day. Walking downstairs and seeing all the gifts under the tree and in the stockings causes excitement like no other day. 

     Christmas is arriving and many Highlands High School students and staff have started their Christmas list. 

     The most popular request is new AirPods, as Sophomores Amaya Barton and Kiara Raaker, and Freshman Makayela Hill asked for AirPods. 

      According to Barton, she needs new ones because her dog chewed one while she was sleeping.

     “I have been only using one Airpod since this happened.” 

     However, Hill wants AirPods because she wants to use them to listen to music. 

     Freshman Charley Hollingsworth would like a mickey mouse plush toy and Sophomore Laryah Jones wants Jordans sneakers because she is a self-proclaimed “shoe addict.” 

     HHS AP Office Worker Sherry Bodner would like to get pictures for her new condo. 

     “I want it to be meaningful artwork. I want to know the artist and what the picture is of. [I’ll maybe get] something in Cincinnati.” 

     Freshman Addyson Stepner has a very different request, as she wants a ‘Grinch’ onesie, despite the fact that she has four other Grinch onesies. 

     “I love the Grinch. He’s my best friend.” 

     Senior Margo Brandenburger wants a dog for Christmas. “Dogs are just really cute and playful and I really want one.” 

     English Teacher Brady Dowling wants a house cleaner for Christmas. 

     “I want a house cleaner because keeping up with housework is very time consuming and I would rather spend time with my kids.” 

     Freshman Elle Dye uniquely requested a record player, as “it would go perfect on this spot on my shelf with my room decor.” 

     Freshman Rylee Clore wants to become stylish, requesting more make-up and clothes as Christmas presents. 

     Like Clore, English Teacher Shannon Henson also wants new clothes but for a different reason than Clore. 

     “I want new clothes that I can wear to work.” 

     Senior Eli Valentine would like a nice pair of shorts. “Just something comfortable.” He says. 

     Freshman Tanner Bowling would rather have a PS5 than clothes because his PS4 is “too old.” 

     HHS Principal John Darnell would rather take a trip than receive a handheld gift. 

     “I want to experience a city or location I’ve never been to before. I don’t want things anymore, I want experiences.” 

     The students and teachers of HHS have a variety of different requests of what they would like under their tree. Happy Holidays from the Hilltopper staff!