“Green Means Go:” HHS Green Club


Mollie Anderson

HHS Green Club’s bottle cap art in the rain garden.

     Over the years the Highlands High School Green Club has accumulated many new members and has gained more notice from students, staff, and the Fort Thomas community. 

     “[In my opinion], the Green Club means making our school a better environment and appreciating what is around us,” said new member Freshman Rudi Wilson.

     The Green Club’s most recent project is the ‘Bottle Caps to Benches’ project. The organization they are giving it to is the Bottle Caps the Benches Earth Connection. The organization takes bottle caps and melts them down to create eco-friendly benches. 

     “They melt the bottle caps into benches, [then] you pay for them and buy them for your community. I love that because we are doing an outdoor classroom this year [and how] we want to use sustainable materials. We will probably buy a few benches and get the school involved with collecting bottle caps,” said Senior Emmie Brewer. 

     Although the Green Club has been gaining more attention and growing bigger, this is not a new club. The first Green Club began in 2011 and 2012, and the former teacher was Nancy Bardgett, according to Green Club Teacher Colleen Epperson. 

     The bottle cap recycling process helps a lot around the school. According to Senior Evia Combs, using bottle caps, the Green Club members make bottle cap art and also recycle them.

      “Most companies don’t want the public to recycle small things like bottle caps because they get stuck in the machinery. They end up throwing most of the small pieces out and keep the bigger ones, this forces us to think of other ways of recycling them, which lead to making benches and art!”

     If any students are interested in joining the Green Club, they meet every other Thursday after school in Epperson’s room .