FCCLA students are STARS: All about STAR Events


Kayla Lehn

The bulletin board in Ahren Wagner’s room shows all the different places that students travel for STAR events.

     It was almost time to start the STAR event. The Highlands High School Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members were all sitting in their groups, anxious, soon they were ready to present. 

     Family and Consumer Science Teacher Ahren Wagner said, “STAR stands for ‘Students Taking Action for Recognition’ and it is one of the sets of competitive events that FCCLA does.” 

     There are many different topics for STAR events, such as Baking and Pastry, along with  Teach and Train. 

     Each event is scored based on a rubric, with three judges that are either former FCCLA members or special people for the specific category that they are judging.  

     Junior Kayleigh Nicolaus enjoys the public speaking aspect. 

     “My favorite part about FCCLA STAR Events is that I get to meet new people when we travel and it’s fun presenting. It has taught me to like public speaking.” 

    Freshman Shelby Shields shared why she decided to join FCCLA STAR Events. 

     “I was very intrigued with the idea of presenting and making something for a good cause.” 

     This year there are about 15 events that Highlands High School is participating in. 

     “The most popular topics are the STAR events that showcase what a chapter does for the entire school year,” Wagner said.

     This event shows different topics from August to May that a member has learned about, such as community service projects, the many trips members went on, the competitions, and all of the meetings. 

     “The most interesting ones are those upper-level events that allow students to demonstrate what they have learned, such as, fashion construction, fashion design, interior design, baking, and pastry culinary,” said Wagner. 

     Due to COVID-19, this year is different from previous years for members. 

     There will be no FCCLA Regional Competition this year. Instead, everybody is competing at the state level from March 23 through 25. In February, there will be a high school regional event held at Highlands.

     Junior Katie Deshler spoke out about this year’s STAR events and how different it is compared to last year. 

     “I am super excited to compete in the STAR events in person this year as it is something I always look forward to! You are able to showcase all of your hard work on specialty skills that you wouldn’t normally get to present, and alongside with friends!”