“Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow:” Christmas movie favorites

     As the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, it’s time to pull out a fuzzy blanket, make some hot chocolate, and start watching the beloved classic Christmas movies!

     Kayla’s Favorites: 

     Like many others, my top three favorite Christmas movies are ‘Elf,’ ‘Home Alone,’ Dr. Seuss’ ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas,’ ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,’ and ‘The Santa Clause.’ 

Live-action Dr. Seuss’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ movie poster. (Provided by Imagine Entertainment)

     Dr. Seuss’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ is my third favorite Christmas movie. It is an iconic classic, although my favorite one, in particular, is the 2000 live-action version with Jim Carey. I think that Carey was amazing at playing the role of the Grinch. I never get tired of watching this movie because it’s so entertaining and gets you into the Christmas spirit. This is one of the best Christmas movies because it has a very interesting plot, along with a moral lesson mixed in with it, as it teaches the audience that Christmas isn’t just about presents, it’s about spending time with your loved ones.

‘Home Alone’ movie poster. (Provided by Hughes Entertainment)

     ‘Home Alone’ is the runner-up in my favorite Christmas movie, which came out in 1990. The plot of the movie is unlikely to happen in real life, but it is fun to see what the boy, Kevin, has to go through to “protect” his home from the burglars. It is also another movie that I will never get tired of watching. It shows that family is the most important and that holidays would not be the same without them. 

‘Elf’ movie poster. (Provided by New Line Cinema)

     Finally, my favorite Christmas movie of all time is ‘Elf.’ The movie is hilarious, as Will Ferrell did an amazing job of portraying the character, Buddy the Elf. The movie itself is iconic and many quotes from the movie are used by people every day. For example, “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” I watch this movie every single year during Christmas time! The plot of the story is great and there are so many aspects that make this movie amazing. If you have never seen ‘Elf,’ which I’m hoping everyone has, you should definitely watch it this year!

     Mollie’s Favorites: 

As Christmas Day approaches so do the amazing movies that come along with it.

Provided by Hughes Entertainment

In my opinion, ‘Home Alone 2’ is far more funny and interesting than the first ‘Home Alone.’ This is my favorite movie because of where it’s located, New York, New York. Due to the atmosphere of New York City during Christmas, this movie always gets me in the Christmas spirit.

‘Jingle All the Way’ movie poster. (Provided by 20th Century Fox)

‘Jingle All the Way’ is a wonderful Christmas movie. The film was made in 1996 and is rated PG. Due to the hilarious reindeer scene, in which the reindeer chases Howard, this movie is one of my favorites.

‘The Polar Express’ movie poster. (Provided by Warner Bros. Pictures)

‘The Polar Express’ is definitely in my top three. This movie has been a part of my childhood, as I’ve watched it my whole life. My favorite part of the movie by far is the hot chocolate scene. I have to be drinking hot chocolate at that exact moment in order for it to feel just right.

     Haley’s Favorites: 

     As the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, it’s time to pull out the classic h Christmas movies that come along with the season, so get a cup of hot chocolate and spend time with loved ones to watch the classics.

Provided by Warner Bros. Studios

     One of my favorites is ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ because of the hilarious storyline, and how it’s all about family and friends and coming together. My favorite quote in ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ is “What is it? A letter confirming your reservation at the nuthouse?” This movie is the best Christmas movie of all time.

‘The Santa Clause’ movie poster. (Provided by Walt Disney Pictures)

     ‘The Santa Clause’ is my second favorite movie because it is a funny and warm Christmas movie. This movie brings everyone together and is all about the Christmas spirit. Something that is interesting about the movie is that it was made in Toronto but takes place in the North Pole and Illinois.

The Polar Express’ movie poster. (Provided by Warner Bros. Pictures)

     ‘The Polar Express’ is my third favorite Christmas movie because it has a good plot that is filled with meaning and festivity. My favorite scene is the hot chocolate scene. My favorite ‘The Polar Express’ quote is “seeing is believing but sometimes, the most real things in the world, we cannot see.”

     Make sure to sit down, relax with loved ones, and watch some amazing holiday movies. Happy Holidays from the Hilltopper staff!