Picture perfect: HHS Interior Design students create renderings for Fort Thomas Coffee


Emerson Fraley

HHS Interior Design students present their design renderings for Fort Thomas Coffee’s new Kid Zone.

     Last Monday, the Interior Design students at Highlands High School created a rendering for the Kid Zone at Fort Thomas Coffee’s new store that will be opening up at One Highland. This is an opportunity for the students to express their creativity and what they have learned in their interior design course. 

     According to Fort Thomas Coffee owner Christine Smalley, the Kids Corner is a space in Fort Thomas Coffee to make the kids feel welcome in the small business. 

     “We have invited the Interior Design Class at HHS to work with us on designing our Kid Zone in our new space at One Highland.“ 

      The Kids Corner is a way for the kids to hang out and have fun while their parents are getting a little alone time. The students had opportunities for the children to create their own coffee to serve to others. 

     According to Sophomore Avery Hagadorn, this was an exciting experience for the students, as they have never been used by a client or have been brought to life.

     “I’m very excited to see our ideas become real. It also taught us more about interior designers’ work and how their job sort of goes and we also learned some new skills.” 

     This project helped the students experience future life jobs and what they want to do later in life. 

     These designs will be used for the new Kid Zone, which is very exciting for the students and owners alike, according to Smalley. 

     “I cannot wait to see the HHS design team’s creativity in action when we begin our construction inside our new space the first week in January. Fort Thomas Coffee will be moving to One Highland in April.”