Making an impact: Thane Maynard visits HHS to discuss climate change


Nathan Mueller

Thane Maynard talking to HHS students while holding an alligator.

     Today, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo Thane Maynard, with an alligator in hand, visited Highlands High School to talk to sophomores and AP biology students.

     Maynard discussed topics from climate change to alligators. His visit was organized by HHS teacher Yang Wen.

     Climate Change

     Maynard is a world-renowned conservationist. While doing an interview with the HHS broadcasting department, he talked about how the zoo is doing more to conserve planet earth.

     “Our zoo is the greenest zoo in the world by miles.”

     The Cincinnati Zoo has covered an entire parking lot with solar panels, also using all rainwater for habitats and waterfalls.

     According to Maynard, the Fort Thomas community can bike more and drive less to help combat climate change.

     “Climate change is real, and the great big threat that we face.”

     The Alligator

     Maynard brought an alligator, which, as expected excited the entire sophomore grade. It was a small 2-year-old American alligator.

     He gave some fun facts about them throughout the interview.

     “These were very endangered animals, and they are the only animal that fights an alligator is another alligator.”

    Maynard encouraged students to visit the Cincinnati Zoo to learn more.