Perfect pitch: HHS Honor Choir students perform at NKU


Chelsea Scully

Honor Choir students perform at Greaves Hall.


     Choirs from over the Tri-state warm-up before they go on stage to perform for the audience.

     Highlands High School students Freshmen Annelle Scully, Sylvie Martin, Garrett Cutajar, and Sophomores Evan Stuart and Lilly Leising traveled to Northern Kentucky University (NKU) last weekend and performed in the Greaves Concert Hall, along with many other high school students in the tri-state. 

     Honor Choir is a selected group of choir students who get to perform with many other talented singers, in front of college directors. You must be recommended by your choir teacher and then have permission slips signed by your parents. 

     According to Scully, the songs they performed were ‘Si Si Ni Moja,’ ‘Dies Irae,’ ‘Kyrie,’ ‘Sing to Me,’ and ‘Hold Fast to Dreams.’ 

     The students had to learn these songs in the span of two days, according to Martin. 

     “It was a little difficult at first but our previous experience helped us learn and we were able to sing the whole concert by Saturday.” 

     Out of the songs the choir sang, the majority favorite was ‘Dies Irae.’ ‘Dies Irae’ means Day of Wrath. It is a Latin poem by Joseph Leopold Eybler that was then turned into a song. 

     According to Sophomores Evan Stuart and Lily Leising, there were around 100 other Honor Choir students performing alongside them. 

     “As someone who is always in a girls choir, it was nice being able to sing with tenors and bass.” Leising stated.  

     On Friday, the students got a tour of the NKU campus. Then they got their songs and started practicing for their performance. On Saturday they performed with the rest of the Honor Choir students and some NKU Chamber Choir students. 

 “It’s a great experience and you get to see people you don’t know,” Stuart commented. 

     To get into the Honor Choir, students must be in the regular choir. Their choir teacher will let students know who can get selected for Honor Choir. Once students are selected by their teacher, they have to fill out permission slips, allowing them to be involved. 

     Singing for the audience, HHS students had a unique experience while at Greaves Hall in NKU, making for an interesting learning experience.