Tragedy strikes: Astroworld concert turns deadly


(Courtesy of ABC News)

Travis Scott faces lawsuits after deadly Astroworld concert.

     On last Friday, November 5, tragedy struck as a well-known rapper, Travis Scott, held a concert in Houston, Texas, which soon turned deadly. A whole weekend event, the tickets cost $200 for a day pass but have since been canceled. 

     The concert started out as a fun event until fans of Scott started to pass out due to the overcrowding and people beginning to charge to the front of the stage. An already bad situation began to take a turn for the worst when some of Scott’s fans started to notice these people passing out and getting trampled. Many people began to chant and scream for Scott to stop the show, pleading for the show to be stopped. 

     Many people have speculated whether Scott was able to hear or see the chaos that was ensuing but it is unclear what is the absolute truth. Due to the constant noise at concerts, many do not believe that Scott could hear what was going on, although, from the angles of his performance, many wonder if he could see what was happening. 

     However medical and police staff took notice of these events taking place, as ambulances and paramedics tried to push their way through the audience. 

     Although, unfortunately, some fans even became unruly, starting to attack the police officers, paramedics, and ambulances, which all were trying to ensure the safety of these 50,000 fans. 

    Tragically, there have been eight people pronounced dead, including teenagers, due to asphyxiation and the trampling that occurred. Many people are still in the intensive care unit, along with there being hundreds injured. 

     Scott has since released multiple apologies, leading to controversy through internet platforms, over the entire situation, as many shared videos of the tragic events that occurred. People all around the world are very divided on who is to blame here, the fans, Scott, a lack of enough police presence, or Scott’s team. Many are upset over Scott and his team allowing that many tickets to be sold.

The Houston police have assured the public and victims of this deadly concert that they are asking individuals to be considerate towards the grieving families and those who have been injured in this tragedy.