Creepin’ it real: the best costumes for Halloween


Courtesy of Kasey Gross

Sophomore Kasey Gross puts together an idea of what she wants her cowgirl costume to look like.

     White cracked skulls, spider webs glistening in the full moon’s light. Jack O’Lanterns on every doorstep. Halloween is this month, just about the time to buy a costume or the perfect time to start brainstorming ideas for a costume.

     This holiday started almost 2,000 years ago. The candy industry was in search of a holiday as well as getting kids out of trouble. Halloween is a great time to show off costume ideas for the year as well as hanging out with your friends.

     According to Freshman Torin Bryant, some students are not dressing up this year. 

     “I’m just going to wear regular clothes. I don’t like or care about dressing up.”

     However, Junior Maura Eckerle is taking it seriously and spending the day with her friends.

     “This year for Halloween my friends and I are going to have matching costumes. I don’t know what we’re doing yet, but whatever it is it’s going to be great.”

     Making or purchasing a costume is always a debatable topic. Some people believe that Halloween costumes are too much money; others just enjoy the process of making costumes. 

     Sophomore Kasey Gross isn’t making a costume or buying a costume. She’s using clothes she already has to put together a cowgirl costume. 

     “I’ll probably just wear normal cowboy clothes, like cowgirl boots, a hat, flannel, and jeans.”

     The perfect Halloween costume can be difficult to find. Some of the best places to consider buying a costume are Spirit Halloween, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Party City, and many others. 

     Freshman Ava Houze refers to the app Pinterest for some costume inspiration. Pinterest can be downloaded from the app store or you can browse online.

     “There are so many different costumes on Pinterest and so many good ideas. Sometimes it even tells you where you can buy the costumes. It’s so helpful when trying to find a costume.”

Dressing up is a part of the love for Halloween, and it is clear that most HHS students enjoy dressing up no matter their age.