Students and staff discover their hidden talents


(Courtesy of Jennifer Forgy)

Highlands High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Forgy and her friend pose for a picture as they set sail.

     Eyebrow dancing, singing with their mouth closed, and jumping rope with arms. 

     These are some of the hidden talents of the students and staff at the Fort Thomas Independent Schools District. 

     Among these talents are Freshman Shelby Shields, Assistant Principal Jennifer Forgy, and Woodfill Special Education Teacher Jessica Ginter.

     Shields’ hidden talent is an interesting one – jump roping with her arms. 

     “I started in sixth grade when I learned that I was hyperextended and just gave it a try.”

      Forgy not only has one hidden talent but she has two, as she can scuba dive and she can bake. 

     “When I was a kid I took French and every year there was a foreign language festival and my teacher taught me how to make a french chocolate cake and I won an award for it and I really liked it ever since.”

     Forgy’s other bold, dangerous, and daring talent… scuba diving. 

     “I started scuba diving about 25 years ago. I was on vacation with 2 girls who were also teachers and they wanted to go scuba diving. We took a course where the teacher taught us how to scuba dive. Once I got into the ocean it was so calm.” 

     Ginter’s secret talent is sign language. As a special education teacher, sign language comes in handy every day. 

      “I use it every day during school with my students because it’s very useful in my line of work.”

     According to Shields, hidden talents reflect on people’s personalities a lot, as they can show off who a person truly is.

     “It’s really cool to show off something that not a lot of people can do.”

     Scuba diving has helped Forgy develop courage for different challenges and life experiences. 

     “I think scuba diving reflects on how I don’t get scared easily and I feel really bold and courageous when I do it.”

     Connection with Ginter’s students is a key part of her teaching skill. 

     “I feel like it reflects my personality trait of love of communication and connection with others.”

     Although the process of finding a true talent, waiting is worth it. 

     “Do something that makes you feel bold and courageous.”