You really autumn know… Fall Break is drawing near


Courtesy of Ellie Mohr and Mollie Anderson

Freshmen Ellie Mohr and Mollie Anderson enjoying the views in Lake Anna.

     As leaves start falling and turning colors, it means fall is approaching. The smell of pumpkin is in the air and fall decorations are starting to come out. The nice fall weather has already made its presence and students are getting ready for fall.

      Due to COVID-19, everyone might not have as much planned for fall break this year. In fall breaks in the past, some of our Bluebirds have gone to many fun and exciting places. Fall break is also a great time to get people’s minds off school work and grades. Last year, COVID-19 made a huge impact on what students and staff did over fall break. 

     Freshman Ellie Mohr shared what she did last year over the safe fall break.

     “Last year I couldn’t do as many social things as I usually do, so I went to my friend’s lake house in Virginia.”  

     Since fall break is right around the corner, students are starting to make plans of what they are going to do or if they are going somewhere. There are so many things that you can do over fall break including traveling, baking, going outside, playing sports, or even just relaxing watching TV shows or movies.

     Junior Ellie Walz is traveling this year. 

     “This year over fall break I am going to Florida.”

     Fall break is coming up in less than a week. This year’s fall break is a little longer than usual. Fall break is from October 7-11.  

     Freshman Brennan Bucher said, “I think that it is nice that we have a longer break this year.”

     Not everyone can travel for fall break, so some people are staying at home. Something that is fun to do over the long fall break is baking. There are many fun and tasty treats that are easy and can take up some time. Some easy and fun things to bake are pumpkin cookies, caramel apple crumble, or s’mores dip.

     Another fun thing to do over fall break is to go camping in the backyard. Camping can be fun because it is a way to hang out with friends and get away from technology. 

     Sophomore Caroline Means discussed her favorite fall treat and favorite things to do to make the fall break go by faster. 

     “My favorite fall treat that I usually make over fall break is chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin pie. I also like to hang out with my friends and it makes the long weekend go by faster.”

     Whatever students are doing over fall break, it is more normal than last year.