Getting cozy for the fall: October sweatpants

     The cold winds and frosty air leads to the need for comfy and warm clothes. Sweatpants easily give that feeling to students during the chilly season.

     With papers and tests piling on top of each other students need a way to stay comfortable while still looking presentable.

     Different colors and brands lead to all kinds of cool outfits.

     Sophomore Robert Moore shared his opinions on colors and brands.

     “I prefer the color black for sweatpants; along with Adidas for the brand.” 

     Grey and black seem to be simple colors that are also very popular to wear.

     Junior Mason Day commented on his favorite colors.

     “Grey or black are my favorite.” 

      The simple colors are easy to match with and wear every day. They are comfortable and fun.

     Different brands and colors change how the sweatpants look and how people feel towards the pair of pants. They are both important concepts when it comes to picking out a pair of sweatpants.

     Cuffed or loose is a big debate when it comes to the world of sweatpants. 

     Senior Erin Schulkers told us how she feels about cuffed versus cuffed sweatpants.

     “I like cuffed bottoms. They are more comfortable.”

     Freshman Mason Bishop shared the same thought as Erin.

     “Cuffed is the move.”

     Mainly everyone would choose a cuffed pair of sweats over loose before they are easier to dress with and they are warmer.

     Sweatpants have become one of the most popular clothing items for the fall because they are comfortable and they keep everyone warm. 

     They are also really flexible, as you can wear them when you are lounging around the house, sleeping, or to school. 

     Freshman Mason Bishop stated why he thinks sweatpants are popular. 

     “They are nice and comfortable.”

     Sweatpants are often worn during this season due to the warmth and comfort they bring to students.

     Highlands High School Gym Teacher Kennon Burns shared why she wears sweatpants practically every day.

     “I teacher P.E every day of the year.”

    When being outside in the cold, it is important to stay nice and warm, sweatpants do just the trick.

     With the upcoming season, it’s time to get out your sweatpants to get ready for the crisp weather and difficult tests.