Fall fashion: leaves and jeans

     Sophomores Jade Sandmann and Mya Schwartz will be doing a monthly fashion column on the most popular trends for that month. 

     With fall coming up, this means new and exciting fashion trends. With falling leaves, comes new shoes and fresh clothing pieces. 

     Students care highly about fashion here at Highlands High School. As the season changes, so do the fashion choices.

     From mom jeans to boots, we got the rundown on the most popular items that students are wearing for the months of fall. 

     Each person has their own unique sense of style whether it be something more formal or laid back. With converse, skirts, and sweatshirts, we learned a lot from students about their taste in clothes for the fall season.

     There are a lot of trends going around this time of year. Highlands High School students have had all different types of opinions on what is currently trendy. You see students in the hall wearing neutral colors to bright colors. 

     Sophomore Caroline Thaler stated her opinion on the best colors for fall. 

     “Probably earth tones [and] mainly, black.” 

     Calmer colors seem to fit the season more, due to the aesthetic of fall. The calmer vibe helps students pick out their outfits for the day. 

     For fall, earth tones are the way to go for most students.

     From baggy jeans to skinny jeans, skirts to shorts, sweatpants to leggings, converse to combat boots, and so much more. 

     Junior Emma Cooper’s go-to item is black boots. 

     “I like wearing these black combat boots I have. They are a staple in my fashion sense.”

     Shoes are a very important aspect of each outfit that a person wears. Shoes can ruin an outfit or pull it all together. This all depends on how well you wear the shoe.

     Thaler spoke up about her favorite type of footwear.

     “My favorite shoes are my Doc Martens. I wear them almost every day.” 

     On social media, such as TikTok and Instagram, we see people who have their own way of showing their unique ways of dressing, along with lots of things we may not see in our normal, day-to-day life.

     Cooper commented on fashion trends she sees around school and social media. 

     “Probably mom jeans, a lot of people like wearing those. Also, crop tops, oversized shirts, and sweatshirts are in, as I see a lot of people wearing those.”

     With social media, comes seeing old fashion trends. The ‘70’s and ‘80’s are heavily influencing fashion trends this fall.

     Freshman Payton Pope spoke up about how she dresses based on old trends.

     “I like 70’s and 90’s fashion. So, that’s probably where I get it from the most.”

     Family and Science Consumer Teacher Ahren Wagner talked about old 70’s trends that happen to still be popular today.

     “There has been a big trend for crochet clothing, the halter tops, and shorts which is interesting because it was a huge 70’s style of clothing”. 

     Old fashion has a large influence on new fashion trends.

     Fashion comes from everywhere. You can spend lots of money at the mall, or spend less at a thrift store. Both treat different people’s styles well. 

     Sophomore Jude Eckerle told us about his methods for getting clothes.

     “A lot of second-hand stuff. My cousin has a lot of clothes and gives them to me in big trash bags. And I’ll try to use them or online from people reselling clothing or thrift shops.”

     Senior Grace Grau discussed her favorite places to shop at the mall and online. 

     “Hollister, Pacsun, Aéropostale, and then Shein. Everyone uses that.” 

     Dressing for less can be easy, but very hard to find the right pieces. In thrift stores, you can’t just look up what you want like you can online, or go to a section where they have every size of one item in stock.

     Wagner spoke up about the ability of dressing well for cheap.

     “Still all of the thrifting clothes are still popular” 

     Thrifting is an easy and cheap way to get clothes this fall. Take a look into your local Goodwill to find some cute mom jeans or flannel.

     Dressing this fall should come easy as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.