Club Day coming this Thursday and Friday


Kenzie Henegar

Highlands Clubs and Athletic Information Page group in Schoology, which includes information about every club at Highlands in the 2021-2022 school year.

     Every year Highlands High School introduces new clubs by hosting a schoolwide Club Day. This year, club day will take place on Thursday, for freshmen and sophomores, along with Friday, for juniors and seniors. On the day of the event, representatives will set out tables with posters, fliers, QR codes, and sign-up sheets for each club. The main purpose of Club Day is to educate students about what clubs are available this year. 

     Business Teacher Elise Carter said, “The idea is that it’s a central location where students can get an idea of a majority of the clubs.” 

     Students do not have to sign up, although everyone is welcome to come in and get some insight on clubs they are interested in. 

     One new club this year is the Gender Sexualities Alliance (GSA) chapter at Highlands High School. 

     Recently, students have been expressing opinions regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Teachers at Highlands have been getting involved more as this issue progressively receives more spotlight in the media. The student-driven club is currently pulling students together to make a difference in the community. Originally called the Gay and Straight Alliance, it now stands for Gender and Sexualities Alliance. 

     On its official website, the mission of GSA is to work with students to focus on leadership development and activism, which prioritizes building alliances not only across sexual orientation and gender identity lines, but also across race, ethnicity, and class lines.

     Not only does the club help create alliances, but it also advocates for protection from harassment and violence towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

     At Highlands High School, the club was approved in July 2021 by the Site-Based Decision Making Council (SBDM). Principal Darnell granted the club a one-year probationary period. Middle and High School students will not be allowed to meet together at any time. 

     English teacher Angelina Gintonio provided a rationale for the inclusion of the club. 

     “People in the LGBTQ+ community plus their allies would meet up and do social events together, and try to be supportive of each other.” 

     GSA’s purpose is to further include people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, making sure to not support a division on different types of people. 

     Junior Cici Murphy provided the goals for the club. 

     “I think as we introduce informative activities and inclusive events, it will spread awareness and encourage other hidden allies to come forward to make a change.” 

     This addition to the Highlands community is a great opportunity to get to know fellow students and yourself on a deeper level.