BREAKING NEWS: FDA approves Pfizer vaccine


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Viles of the Pfizer vaccine after being approved by the FDA.

     In March 2021, scientists had begun phase one of the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19. After five months of continuous trials and reviews from the FDA, it has finally been approved as of August 23.

     It wasn’t an easy task getting this drug approved, as approval requires an analysis of the drug’s benefits along with examining its risks and looking at clinical trials from the drugmaker.

     The Pfizer vaccine was reported to be 91% effective against COVID-19 by the FDA. However, with these benefits, some side effects occur after the vaccine. Some of these include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, and nausea. 

     Before the approval of the vaccine, many professions such as teaching, fast food employees, and others had the option to get this vaccine in late March and early April, and anywhere up until the present.

     Now, many nations require proof of vaccination to waive a mandatory quarantine and participate in certain indoor activities. Along with this, the restrictions of staying six-feet-apart, and wearing your mask still apply when it comes to travel.

     We’ll likely see more vaccine requirements that will be put into place now that the Pfizer vaccine has FDA approval. For instance, the Department of Defense is moving to make COVID-19 vaccinations required for all employees in their department. 

     According to CBS News, New York City announced Monday that teachers and staff in New York City, which is the nation’s largest school district, will be required to get their first dose by September 27. Some of the nation’s largest companies and organizations, such as United Airlines and the University of Minnesota, have announced plans for vaccination requirements tied to the full approval of a vaccine.

     However, with past experience, many people are still against the idea of getting a vaccine. Even with the FDA approval of the one vaccine, many workers are not all willing to comply with these new requirements.

     According to, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey from June showed that roughly 30% of unvaccinated adults, who felt hesitant about the vaccine, said a full approval would mean they would be more likely to get vaccinated.

     This is just one of many steps that our society will take to stop the spread of COVID-19.