How students are preparing for final exams


Emma Healey and Grayson Thomas

The time has come to take final exams.

     With the 2020-21 school year coming to a close, final exams are approaching. Final exams can put a lot of stress on students, due to the pressure of wanting to do well to prevent failure and retaking the course, along with pressure from parents wanting you to do well. Senior Riley Baker commented on her study tips, saying, “Every night I’m taking an hour and studying for each exam that I’m doing, and just making sure I understand what we’re doing.” 

     Taking time to study for upcoming exams is extremely important. When you learn something new once and don’t go over it months after learning it, it can be hard for anyone to remember. By re-looking over each exam course you are “relighting old candles” in your brain.

     Junior Kelsey Adams commented on her study plans, saying, “I made several study guides that my teachers assigned me, and I think I’m ready to do well.” 

     Taking the time to make study guides is a crucial part of studying for exams. When you write down stuff yourself it helps your brain remember the material better.

     Sophomore Ruby Smith stated her worries over NTI learning material, commenting, “I’m nervous that I will forget stuff that we learned at the beginning of the year when we were online.”

     For anyone that’s nervous about final exams, don’t be. All you can do to prepare for exams is to look over all the material. You’ve got this!

     Freshman Macy Laur said, “I’m studying by going through past quizzes/tests and looking over my notes.”

     In conclusion, final exams are approaching, and although they may be scary, you can study for them by looking over previous work.  By using all the resources your teacher gives you, you can succeed.