Five fun activities to do over summer break


Grayson Thomas

Summer is approaching.

     If you are wondering what to do over the upcoming summer break. This article is for you, I will be sharing five fun and engaging activities to do over summer break.

     Get outside

     Go enjoy that sunshine. Sunshine is a great source of Vitamin D, but make sure you wear sunscreen so you don’t get sunburnt. When it comes to going outside the possibilities are endless. For example… you can go to parks, your own backyard, pools, or out into the woods.

     Hang out with your friends

     Go socialize and catch up with your friends. Especially since during quarantine we couldn’t go out and socialize. When you go hang with your friends make sure to wear your mask and be safe! Safe places where you can hang out with friends are arks, your friend’s backyard, and anywhere else outside.               

     Start a project

     Get to work. Start a project that you have always wanted to do, but you never had enough time. Summer break is the perfect time for this! Projects you could start are… renovating your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, etc.          

     Sit back and relax

     Get comfortable. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a blanket and turning on the TV to watch your favorite TV show or movie. After all, this is your big break off of school and work. You deserve to treat yourself. Some ways you can relax are… facemasks, catching up on some sleep, and anything else you enjoy doing.     

     Go swimming

     Cool off from that hot summer sun! Go to a pool and dive right in the water, you could even bring some friends along for the ride. Swimming is also a great way to get some exercise in. Click Here for some of the local pools you can go to in our area. 

     These are just some of the many activities that you can do over this upcoming summer break. Have a wonderful summer and be safe.