Graduation party planning ideas to outshine COVID-19

One option for a graduation party could be an outdoor celebration in your very own backyard. (Image courtesy of

     COVID-19 has impacted the class of 2020 last year, but another group of seniors will be graduating soon. What was supposed to be a magical time for our now graduated seniors has now been cut down. However, this pandemic isn’t stopping the class of 2021 graduates from making their final months of high school a time they will never forget. Parents of seniors have had to resort to celebrations that aren’t exactly traditional, although our soon-to-be graduates can’t celebrate with a large crowd of their loved ones, they are still making do with what they have available. 

     A practical, cost-effective option for a safe and fun graduation party is a virtual live stream. Even though this may seem not as personal as in-person gatherings with loved ones, graduates can still make it a very memorable time by buying or making decorations for the live stream background. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, and many others can be downloaded from the app store as a practical and convenient option for virtual occasions. 

     Senior Anna Lee Jansen commented on what she loved most about graduation, stating, “One thing I like is that I’m able to have one at all. Looking back we had no clue as to what was going to happen in regards to graduation, so even being able to have one is great. I think I’m going to appreciate this party more, with it being so small, the number of people able to come is limited. I think that with it being so small, it will be more personal, with those I want to invite versus those I feel obligated to invite.” 

     Another idea could be an outdoor celebration, such as a grill out or a party at a local park. This would give an opening to allow more people to come to the party without having to worry about being around others in even a semi-close space. An outdoor celebration provides inclusiveness for older family and friends who are more at risk for the virus and other illnesses, giving them the chance to spend such a significant time with their graduates. 

     Senior Keirson Bailey commented on her plans for her graduation party, stating, “My family and I decided to have a small gathering outside my uncle’s farmhouse. We will also have a tent on standby for weather conditions. One of the things I am really looking forward to is these giant blow-up bubbles that people can get into and run at each other. It was a major hit at my sister’s celebration so I’m counting on it being a good time for me as well.” 

     A broad option to celebrate would be a parade option, where seniors and their families drive past their loved ones’ homes to give them a chance to celebrate for themselves. A way to make it even more personal is to put up decorations or signs at loved ones’ houses when driving past it.

     The most important thing is keeping the graduating class of 2021, along with their families and friends, safe and happy. An immaculate celebration of their time spent and hard work will be a perfect way to get them ready for their future and what it holds for them.