NKY Select Band accepts Highlands Bandbirds

The Highlands High School Band Birds take on Select Band.

Anna McCoy

The Highlands High School Band Birds take on Select Band.

This year, everyone from Highlands Middle and High School who auditioned for the Northern Kentucky Select Band got in, making a total of 35 students accepted. This includes 20 middle schoolers and 15 high schoolers. 

Out of the 15 high schoolers that got in, 11 high schoolers made the lower-tier Symphonic Band, including freshmen Henry Campbell, Ethan Davis, Ryan Groneck, Anna McCoy, and Daniel McGee, sophomore Cameron Myers, juniors Allison Bertasso, Ashton Boggs, Jacob Hudson, and Alix Tibbs, and senior Luke Myers. 

Four students made the higher-tier Honors Wind Ensemble, which included sophomores Dash Dugan and Sarah Yu and seniors Gannon Ehrman and Peter Laskey. 

This is a huge accomplishment for the Band Birds. 

Band Director Lori Duncan commented, “Thirty-five is the most we’ve ever had from Highlands. This is the first time everyone got in.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, auditions were a bit different from years before. Auditions took place virtually and were submitted through an audio recording of the student performing their audition piece. 

According to Myers, who got first chair mallets in the Symphonic Select Band, this was easier than years prior because in-person auditions add a level of anxiety.

Myers explained, “This year, [auditions were] done by recording the audition, letting you try over and over again.”

According to Yu, who got fourth chair trumpet in the Honors Wind Ensemble, she thought that this audition process helped her tremendously.

When the results came out, Yu commented, “I was honestly super surprised, especially because I made the higher band and I haven’t gotten in in the past. I think the recording really helped me because I didn’t have to go through all the in-person audition anxiety.”

The details of how Select Band will work are still in the air. According to Duncan, Middle School Select Band will have workshops with a guest speaker, and hopefully, something similar will take place for the High School.