Mediocre Kitchen Madness: April Edition!


Haley Luersen and Maggie Schroeder

Two extremely nourished chefs.

– Hey y’all! It’s Maggie… 

– And Haley!

– Welcome to the April Edition of Mediocre Kitchen Madness!

– This month’s recipe is a little out of the ordinary for us since we are not making a dessert.

– No no no, we are not. *Sniffle*

– We have been flooded with comments upon comments begging for a healthy recipe.

– Um no, I think it was just one comment from my mother.

– Shhh… ANYWAY! We will be presenting 25 different ways you can make spinach!

– This time, not courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction, I am afraid.

– Nope, these are all from our brains!

– In lieu of a standard ingredients list and recipe, we’re going to document this journey with a gallery of our 25 mini recipes. 

– Which, if you make all 25, you will be GLOWING with health. 

– So, without further ado, let’s get right into Spinach: 25 Ways!


– I hope you enjoyed this very special edition of Mediocre Kitchen Madness. My favorite recipe was definitely the iced spinach. It had such a fresh taste and I will definitely be making spinach ice cubes for my water bottle from now on.

– My favorite recipe had to be the spinach toast. I enjoyed removing the spinach, replacing it with peanut butter, and consuming.

– Slight modifications are acceptable.

– I’m going to have to give these recipes a 10/10. I feel ultimately nourished and powerful after eating them.

– I agree, 10/10. Would spinach again.


Thank you for reading the April edition of Mediocre Kitchen Madness. If you try these recipes, email pictures to [email protected] or [email protected] to be potentially featured in the next edition. 


Oh, and happy April Fools!